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Repurposed Accessories

All leather items are excluded from any offered discount due to them being handmade with authentic materials
Repurposed Cheetah Crossbody with Flap
Metallic Large Crossbody
Repurposed Black Croc Large Crossbody
Metallic Croc Crossbody
Pink Shimmer Small Crossbody
Brown Speckled Repurposed Large Crossbody
Skinny Leather Koozie
Repurposed Pink Small Crossbody
Cowhide Large Crossbody
Cheetah Crossbody
Repurposed Blue Hide Crossbody
Repurposed Grey Croc Crossbody
Metallic Cheetah Crossbody
Repurposed Cardholder Keychain
White Snakeprint/Cowhide Large Crossbody
Leather Coasters- Set of 2
Cowhide Camo Wallet
Repurposed LV Cardholder Wristlet
Repurposed Gold Croc Crossbody
Cowhide Small Crossbody + Clutch
Repurposed LV Clasp Necklace